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8/31/19:  Residents are reminded that our House Rules strictly prohibit exterior fires within Private Yards (which includes front, back and side yards).  The only exception is that small charcoal or gas barbeque grills may be used.  

8/9/19:  The wooded areas surrounding our community are heavily populated with invasive Albizia trees.  Albizia in Hawaii may be the fastest growing tree in the world and spreads rapidly.  A tree can grow as fast as 15’ in its first year -a rate of more than a foot every two weeks! Because the trees grow so fast, the wood that develops is brittle and weak. Branches can fall easily with no warning, even from healthy trees.  It is best to try to control Albizia while they are still young.  Accordingly, residents are encouraged to remove young Albizia saplings from their Private Yards as soon as they are noticed.  


8/2/19:  Dog owners are asked to not allow their pets to urinate or deficate in a neighbors' private yard.  Although not specifically prohibited in the House Rules, it is a common courtesy to not allow this to happen.  Be a good neighbor.  Also, remember that the House Rules (and County law) require that owners promptly pick up their pet's solid waste and properly dispose of it. 

11/17/18:  Several residents began decorating the exterior of their homes this week.  Per our House Rules, decorations may not be put up earlier than 30 days before a Holiday.  Additionally, they must be removed no later than 30 days afterwards.  Sound elements may only be used between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.  In the future, we ask that everyone comply with these restrictions.

6/6/18:  Please be courteous and not park behicles so as to block, or partially block, a neighbor's driveway.  Additionally, do not park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant or near intersection corners.    

4/5/18:  Owners are reminded that our House Rules require that all painting of any exterior surfaces and reroofing must have the prior written approval of the Design Committee.

3/19/18:  The board has been discussing what needs to be done to resolve the ground water problem that has been damaging our roads.  The first part of that process is to determine how big the underground water problem really is.  We looked at several bids and selected Geolabs.  They will be onsite Wednesday (3/21) and Thursday (3/22) to drill 6 test borings into our road to monitor the ground water accumulation.  The test sites are at the top cul de sac, 3 on the upper loop, 2 on the lower loop and one in the HECO easement.  Once we determine the amount of ground water flowing beneath our road an Engineering firm will determine the appropriate fix to the problem.


11/25/19:  The Regular Board of Directors Meeting scheduled for November 28 has been postponed to December 10 at the Recreation Center.

11/25/19:  The Association has voted to approve the proposed amendment to our governing documents to authorize Nonjudicial Foreclosure.  The Board of Directors thanks those owners who took the time to vote on this important initiative.

10/30/19:  Imua Landscaping Co will be doing tree trimming and removal at several locations in the project on October 31 and November 1.  Work will include cutting back some of the Traveler Palms near the gate.  When this work is being done, the exit gate will be blocked off.  All traffic entering or exiting the project will have to use the entry gate (the arm will be removed).  Exercise extreme caution in this area, and in other areas in the project where you see working being done.

10/22/19:  By now, all owners should have received a letter in the mail regarding a proposed amendment to our Bylaws that would allow the Board to contract for bulk TV and/or internet services.  The Board is asking for your response as soon as possible, but not later than November 22, 2019.

10/10/19:  To date, only 58% of owners have mailed in their consent form regarding the proposed amendment to our governing documents which would allow the Association to use Nonjudicial Foreclosure against owners who fail to pay their maintenance fees.  Associa has sent out a second letter to those who have not yet responded asking them to do so as soon as possible, but not later than November 22, 2019 .

8/31/19:  Update on bulk TV/internet Services:  At the Regular Board Meeting on August 27, the Board voted to seek owner approval to amend the Bylaws such that the Board has clear and indisputable authority to contract for bulk TV and/or internet services and make the cost a common expense.  Accordingly, owners will soon receive a letter requesting their consent to this new amendment.  Sixty seven (67) percent of owners must approve for the amendment to be adopted.  In a related development, Spectrum has provided the Board with a new option for a three year, vice five year, bulk TV/internet contract period.  This would require a slight per door increase in fees ($7).  All other provisions would be the same as for the five year option.  

8/21/19:  By now, all owners should have received a consent form in the mail regarding a proposed amendment to our governing documents to authorize Nonjudicial Foreclosure.  The cover letter accompanying the form explains the rationale for seeking this amendment.  But to summarize, nonjudicial, as opposed to judicial, foreclosures provide significant benefits to a condominium or HOA association because nonjucicial foreclosures generally take approximately one-third to one-half the time and are approximately one-half to one-third the cost of a judicial foreclosure.  The Board supports this amendment and hopes that you will do so as well.  Please return your completed written consent as soon as possible but not later than October 8, 2019.

8/2/19:  Update on bulk TV/internet Services:  The Board of Directors wishes to express its’ appreciation to the 135 owners (85%) who recently completed the survey regarding Hawaiian Telcom and Spectrum’s proposals for providing bulk TV and/or internet services to our community.  The survey results showed a strong interest in bulk services, with the vast majority of owners (73 percent) selecting Spectrum TV and internet as the preferred option.  All other options received a six percent or less favorable response, while 15 percent stated they were not in favor of any bulk service option.  However, the Association’s attorney has advised us that our current Bylaws do not give the Board clear and indisputable authority to contract for bulk TV and/or internet services and make the cost a common expense.  And to be honest, there is some concern amongst the Board membership as to (1) the appropriateness of pursuing the bulk initiative since TV and internet are not essential services like utilities, and (2) the relatively long contract period (five years) during a time of constantly changing technology.  The Board’s intent is to meet in August, either at the Regular Board Meeting or a Special Meeting, with as many of the nine Board members as possible attending, to reach a decision on whether to pursue the bulk service initiative.  If the decision is to continue the initiative, we will have to amend our Bylaws to clearly state that the Board has the proper authority to contract for bulk TV/internet services… this is critical because we need to protect the Association from potential legal challenges.  The Association would then have to vote to approve the amendment (67 percent approval required).  Assuming the amendment is approved, the next step would be another Association vote, hopefully before the end of the year, to approve the specific bulk service option (and based on the survey, that currently would be the Spectrum TV/internet option.)  If the Association votes to approve the bulk service option, the Board can sign the contract and monthly maintenance fees will be adjusted to include the cost of TV/internet services, beginning in January 2020.  We know many of the owners are frustrated with how long this process is taking as there is a significant cost savings associated with bulk services.  But we need to do this right, so your patience is appreciated.

​7/17/19:  The number of owner responses to the bulk TV/internet survey letter sent out in May was disappointing... just over 53%.  The Board directed our Managing Agent to send a second letter to those owners who have not yet responded.  That letter requests those owners to respond not later than July 26.  We strongly encourage these owners to repond so the Board can determine if there is sufficient interst in pursuing bulk TV and/or internet survice, and if so, which options are preferred.  Without greater input from the owners, the Board can only surmise that there is not adequate interest in any of the proposals, which may result in dropping the initiative entirely.

5/22/19:  By now, all owners should have received a survey letter from the Board of Directors regarding the Hawaiian Telcom and Spectrum proposals for bulk TV and/or internet service to the Crowne at Wailuna.  The purpose of this survey is to determine if there is sufficient owner interest in pursuing bulk TV and/or internet service, and if so, which options are preferred.  Based on owner responses, the Board will narrow the options down to the most popular and conduct an owner vote at a later date.  Alternatively, if there is not sufficient interest expressed in the responses to this survey, no further action will be taken, and owners/residents will continue to receive their TV and/or internet service on an individual basis with no increase in maintenance fees.  Please respond to the survey letter at your earliest convenient opportunity, but not later than June 21.

4/16/19:  The Townhall Meeting regarding the Spectrum proposal addressed below was conducted last night with about 30 owners in attendance.  Following the Spectrum presentation (available at the following link:   Crowne at Wailuna Presentation 4.16.19 ), owners were able to get answers to their many questions. 

4/9/19:  A Townhall Meeting for all owners will be held April 16, 2019, at 7 p.m. at the Waiau District Park.  The pupose of the meeting is to inform owners of a Spectrum proposal to provide cable-based TV or TV/internet to the Crowne at Wailuna on a bulk basis.  (This proposal is in direct competition with the earlier bulk proposal made by Hawaiian Telcom.)  It is highly recommended that you attend if at all possible.  The meeting will be at held at Waiau District Park Rec Center on Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 PM.  It is important to get the information as a vote will be conducted by all households once the board agrees on the best package for our residents.  We need your input as to what you feel is the best package.

3/6/19:  The next Regular Board of Directors Meeting has been rescheduled to 3/19/19 at 7p.m. to ensure that a quorum will be present.

3/6/19:  The Townhall Meeting regarding the Hawaiian Telcom proposal addressed below was conducted last night with about 30 owners in attendance.  Following the Hawaiian Telcom presentation (available at the following link:   Crowne at Wailuna Presentation 3.5.19 ), owners were able to get answers to their many questions.  A second Townhall Meeting is tentatively scheduled for early April for those who were unable to attend the first meeting.  The Board asks for maximum participation at this meeting to insure every owner can make an informed decision once voting takes place. 

2/21/19:  A Townhall Meeting for all owners will be held March 5, 2019, at 7 p.m. at the Waiau District Park.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform owners of a Hawaiian Telcom proposal to provide fiber-optic internet and/or TV to the Crowne at Wailuna on a bulk basis (i.e., all units would receive the level of service the majority of the AOAO agrees upon, and the the costs would be be equally shared by all owners as part of their Association fees.)   Alternatively, if the majority of the AOAO vote against any level of service, the proposal will not be accepted.  This Townhall is for information only;  voting will be done by mail balloting at a later date.  Additional information can be found at the following links:   Crowne at Wailuna Proposal and Why MDU's Need Fiber .  (Note:  Pricing information has been removed from the Proposal since this is not a password protected site.  Owners desiring this information can call Dawn Ubando at 792-3018.)

11/27/18:  The Board of Direcotrs approved signing a contract with Ace Towing Company.  A new sign will be placed at the Entrance Gate advising those who enter the property that parking is restricted to residents and guests only, and that unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense by Ace Towing Company.  

10/16/18:   A Townhall Meeting for all owners will be held November 7, 2018, 6:30 p.m., at the Crowne  Recreation Center.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform owners on property and liability insurance as covered by the Association's Master Policy and Homeowner's HO6 policies.  Sue Savio, the Association's Insurance Agent, will be the guest speaker, and will answer whatever questions you may have.  Please RSVP no later than Friday, October 26, 2018 to Dawn Ubando at 792-3018 or [email protected]

10/1/18:  Your Board of Directors has approved new Landscaping Guidelines.  These new guidelines have been posted in the Association Documents section of this  web site.

8/2/18:  Your Board of Directors has approved new Guidelines for the Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems.  These new guidelines have been posted in the Association Documents section of this  web site.

3/1/18:  The entry gate call box has a new number (808-688-4001) that will show up on your caller ID when you are receiving a call from the entry gate.  Further, we are currently unable to make any changes to the entry gate call box directory.  Once repairs and adjustments are made, Associa will notify all owners that they can start submitting registration forms for any changes they want for the  directory.

12/1/17:  The Board of Directors has contracted with Ohana Control Systems, Inc to maintain our entrance security camera and gate control system.

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