Crowne at Wailuna
2019 Annual Goals and Objectives

1.    Get bids from engineers based off Geotech report.

2.    Get cost to place drains in side roads and repave those sections.

3.    Get curbs painted red by the intersections so cars do not park too close to the intersections. 

4.    Continue to have remaining uneven sections of of sidewalks repaired by contractors/HECO. 

5.    Continue to work with an arborist and Kamehameha Schools to remove high risk trees.   

6.    Ensure home owners complete needed repairs to the developer-built retaining walls on their property. 

7.    Renovate the park area (replace broken/inoperable landscape lighting, replace trees that died years ago, place picnic bench on slab where gazebo used to sit) 

8.    Determine if it is necessary to get a towing contract for cars that are parked on property not following house rules.

9.    Develop irrigation schematic with components for the seven zones and create training material at laymen level details so the board can make assessments, identify problems and make improvement to help manage cost.   This information can be used by all current/future board members to help keep the landscaping vendor accountable.

10.    Conduct cost/benefit analysis of switching to another condo management company, and if deemed appropriate, execute the switch.

11.    Install bollards at the front gate to protect entry equipment.